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Udana Power, Founder

"If you don't learn how to make money in your sleep,
you're going to work till you die."  
- Warren Buffett
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Udana failed a lot on her way to becoming a million dollar earner in network marketing.
She is passionate about sharing all the things she wished she had known at the start of her journey.

That's why she created The Friendchise. 
So her teams could learn and duplicate quickly the skills that they need to succeed.

When lots of others asked for the training...
She took the time to make it available in a generic form.
Udana started her professional acting career starring on Broadway...
opposite Katharine Hepburn in the musical "Coco".
Many people remember her as the Pregnant Beatnik in "Happy Days,"

She learned about residual income from doing over 200 commercials.
She would go on dozens of interviews and book 15 to 25 commercials a year.
Every time the commercial played, she would get paid. Again and again and again.
So much money poured in, she thought it grew out of the carpet in the living room.
That paid for all her lessons, her rent, her ability to do theater and her freedom.

She starred in her own series, (
"The Life and Time of Eddie Roberts"), by the creators of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"She has guest-starred with many familiar faces including Bill Shatner, Angela Lansbury, Henery Winkler (The Fonz) and more.
Udana with Ron Howard on "Happy Days."
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History of American Film
Udana became aware of the value of good health when her own health failed.
She was getting rave reviews starring in "A History of the American Film" at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles,
but had to turn down the lead in a new Neil Simon play set to tour the country and open on Broadway.

She was diagnosed with a fungus called Candida Albicans that was systemic throughout her body.
It was attacking her liver, ovaries and adrenal glands. The doctors didn't know what to do at the time, however,
she refused to die. That led her to explore natural ways to heal. Years of trial and error helped her discover the power of intermittent fasting to cleanse the body of toxins plus cutting-edge nutrition to provide the necessary
building blocks for the body to rebuild itself.
After a 10 year detour she came back to write and produce...
her own one-woman show to turn-away crowds for over five years.

Her love for the arts led her to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.
 A  producer friend loved one of her ideas and asked her to write it up as 
a "treatment' for a screenplay.
 She soon realized that was the hard part.
She studied and b
ecame a screenwriter for the next 10 years.
Two of her screenplays were set for production when three massive strikes hit Hollywood.
Everything stopped cold. People were losing their businesses and their homes. That's when a producer friend of hers called and introduced her to the industry of network marketing.
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Life and Times of  Eddie Roberts
One Woman Show:
" Love and other Absurdities."
Truly annoyed by the precariousness of her situation, Udana decided to "do money." 
She turned her focus  to create on-going residual income in an industry that
gave her residual income, good health and the freedom to do what she wants..

Through trial and error she finally ended up being the 61st Millionaire in a well-known  
network marketing company. Then she stepped back and let that residual income pay
for lots of vacations, free time and a whole new education.

Udana's fascination with human consciousness, emotions, and the Law of Attraction...
led her on a journey to understand how we - as human Be-ings - actually manifest our reality. That reality includes happiness, money, love, great sex plus practical things like new cars, nice clothes and someone else to clean the house.

During this chapter of her life she became a Certified Life Coach... 
Family Constellation Facilitator and PSYCH-K facilitator. On the spiritual side of her journey she went to India and Rajneeshpuram to be with Osho and sang in Della Reese's church choir for over five years. That's when she learned how to turn her biggest breakdowns into her biggest breakthroughs.
Udana has been to the Razor's Edge* and come back to share all she has learned.
She created The Friendchise so that others can have specific, step-by-step understandings of how they, too, can create an abundant residual income
from home. Then they can 
turn their attention to what they REALLY want to do.
(She never met anyone
who wanted to be a network marketer when they grew up.).
Self-development and personal transformation are an important part of this journey.
However, self-development will leave you stuck by the side of the road
UNLESS you have  a financial vehicle to apply what you learn.
That's why she made The Friendchise available as the first in a series of trainings.

She is currently finishing up these important integrative courses: 
"Feng Shui Your Mind: Intentional Manifesting Made Easy." 
"Create Wealth as a Spiritual Practice" helps reprogram mis-beliefs about money. 
The Law of Blooming: Grow Your Goals, Don't Chase Them" includes insights 
that take The Law of Attraction to a whole new level. 

Network marketing - when done right - is the only industry in the world...
where regular people can create residual income. There are more millionaires made
in this industry than any other.
  It's the only professional career she knows of that can
provide you with the cash flow, time and good health to enjoy life to its fullest
She's proof you can do that at any age..

Wind down? Go slow? Retire? What, are you kidding?
She's enjoying the best years of her life and is sharing her secrets with
anyone who wants to live a wild and wonderful life with purpose and meaning.
*The Razor's Edge is a novel by Somerset Maugham wherein the main character sets off in search of transcendent adventures. When he returns to society his rejection of conventional life and  search for meaning allows him to thrive while his more materialistic friends suffer reversals of fortune. The Razor's Edge has been made into a movie twice - 1944 and 1984.
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Her most prized photo of all:  meeting Osho.
"This system speaks to the whole human being. I love the simplicity of the language. Your slant on this being a path of personal development and spiritual evolution makes me want to cry right now. I'm so grateful to you. I love you for doing this! I have found what I've been looking for!"
- Vivian D.

Activate the power within
and it will grow you
into your highest potential.

"Money isn't everything, but it's right up there with oxygen."
- Rita Davenport