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Your good health is...

  • key to a happy life

  • made easy with Isagenix

  • customized to your goals.

  • a valuable savings account

"I discovered the value of good health the hard way--I lost mine in my 30's.
It took ten years of searching and experimenting to recover. By the time I got well, 
the most valuable years of my acting career were gone.  

"Full recovery came through good nutrition...
and deep nutritional cleansing. That's something doctors knew nothing about.

Over 30 years later I have more energy and stamina than I had in my 20s.

Optimum physical health is our foundation.
Without good health, everything is a struggle. With good health, all is possible.
I am passionate to help others live wild, wonderful and productive lives -- at any age.

Discover the magic of spectacular nutrition.  Full, money-back guarantee.


Udana Power
Certified Life Coach & PSYCH-K Facilitator

Author, Speaker, Creative Wild Woman

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A votre santé



Udana Power - actress, singer, author, screenwriter - reinvented herself midstream into a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and early investor in one of the

hottest start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Wind down? Retire? Age? Not in Udana's vocabulary.
She feels she's just entering the best time of her life.

Udana began her acting career starring opposite Katharine Hepburn (on Broadway), starred on TV opposite Henry Winkler and Bill Shatner as well as at the L. A. Music Center.

Udana is a million dollar earner in Network Marketing. Her passion is to give people more of themselves... so that they can create wonderful lives filled with freedom and adventure. 

She inspires audiences all over the world to wake up to their own True Calling and live the life of their dreams.

Happy Days copy.jpg
Most people remember Udana 
as Deidre, the Pregnant Beatnik, in "Happy Days."  
Who woulda thunk?  
Here with Ron Howard.

Create a life you don't need to take a vacation from.

Isagenix nourishes your body with plant botanicals that gently expel toxins collected on a daily basis. This also assists the body to release unwanted visceral fat and to promote an increase in lean muscle mass, energy, better sleep, endurance and healthy weight management.
If a person has excess toxic fat, it seems to just melt away! Body builders love it because they lose fat and put on lean muscle at the same time - which increases definition more quickly. 
Isagenix is rated higher than the Heart Healthy Diet. It is the first choice of many NFL, NBA and Olympic athletes as well as their trainers.
There are no nasty chemicals, no stimulants, and no artificial sugars. It is gluten and soy free. All Isagenix products are Informed-Sport Certified.  Athletes can feel confident knowing that their Isagenix products have been tested for banned substances.
Isagenix prides itself on no-compromise products.
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"This book is AMAZING! One of my team members fell out because he was so frustrated with network marketing. After I read Udana's book I immediately knew that everyone on my team needed to read this. I called him, brought him the book and the next day he signed up again!  No questions!  That is what I loved about this gives us a clear understanding about network marketing."                                  -Tracy Redmond


"This is great for anyone looking to learn more about building their own business from home!  Simple and Clear!" - Kyle


"Home Based Business is where it's at in this new economy!!! Udana Power nails it in her simple yet profound explanation of the future belonging to us today."                                  - Lenny Evans, Author, Entrepreneur