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Friendchise Academy
2-Week Training


3-month Team Mentoring Program

        -   Interesting learning activities on and off Zoom.
        -   Work with a Buddy Team to apply what you learn.
        -   Proven vehicle where you get paid while you learn.

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We work together to solve problems and create solutions.
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What you will get from this training:

1) Thorough step-by-step understanding of the compensation plan
2) An easy system to train your teams (including worksheets)
3) Work from home & get paid to be healthy

"If you don't learn how to make money in your sleep, you're going to work till you die."
                                                                                                          - Warren Buffett

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"Money isn't everything...
but it's right up there with air."
                                                  - Unknown
Training by Udana Power. 
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