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A Self Development Program
with a Compensation Plan 

The Friendchise is a comprehensive system for living a balanced life with plenty of health, love, financial freedom and a life filled with purpose.  

It consists of four pillars that balance like a mobile:  

Pillar #1:  Personal Health: physical-emotional-mental-spiritual

Pillar #2:  Financial freedom
Pillar #3:  Your True Calling (what you love to do)

Pillar #4:  Sharing True Calling with the World

Pillar  #1 - is where one learns and practices the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction. You will learn the principles of how our thoughts and feelings affect our actions and, therefore, our results.  We have specific techniques that quickly uncover the old belief patterns that are not serving you and replace them with new beliefs that support your goals. 

Let's face it... the subconscious determines 95% of our results.  Once we have chosen a proven financial engine, it's important to align our subconscious mind to help us create the vision we have set for ourself.

 - How do you discover the subconscious beliefs that are running your life?  

 - How do you change them to support your goals?  


That's the training we've designed. It includes the very best techniques in the world. 

Pillar #2 - The proven financial vehicle that provides immediate cash flow, residual income,  free time and good health.  Here is where you implement the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction to excel at the Inner Game of Entrepreneurship.

Pillar #3 - Working Pillars #1 and 2 together creates the financial freedom and time that paves the way for you to discover your True Calling.  When you discover and live your inner purpose you're lit up from within. Life has joy and meaning.


Are you a writer? Film-maker? Animal-lover?  Passionate about cleaning up the ocean? Creating a Bee Highway? What is your passion?  The techniques in Pillar #3 help you uncover and strategize a plan to live a life inspired by your own, unique purpose..


Pillar #4 - You find ways to package your  dreams and goals. You align your True Calling with something much larger than yourself and contribute to the world.  By that time your health is thriving, (Pillar #1); you have income coming in and a mind that can use the Power of Intention to manifest the goals you set for yourself, (Pillar #2). Add that to Pillars #3 and 4 and you enjoy a sense of self-worth, community and contribution that creates a happy life filled with purpose.

Powered by Love for Life

"Money isn't everything, but it's right up there with air."

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."  - Pablo Picasso

Udana Power is a million dollar earner

in the network marketing industry. 

She is passionate about freedom, creativity and

living each day fully alive.


Her passion is acting, writing and self-development - 
understanding who we are as souls on this amazing, physical adventure we call our lifetime..

Part of her Calling (Pillar #3) is to share

what she has learned along the way and

help others wake up to their own amazing power. 



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"I am a Vastness, an Opening, a Song of God... and so are You."
Los  Angeles, California