What are people saying?

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"I was really concerned that it would be a mountain of information and data that would overwhelm me.  I  started going through the materials and saying to myself, "Oh, this is amazing! This is awesome! This is my 'take-away'. And then two pages later, "No! THIS is the amazing thing. THIS is the take-away. And the next chapter was like, "Well, that other stuff was awesome, however, this is really, really cool!" There's too much to single out. The content was far beyond other training courses. It was comfortable to  grasp and build from one piece to the next. Really quite fabulous."   - Kevin D
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"I've been in my business for over 6 years and was getting really disappointed because I didn't meet my financial expectations. I had worked hard and people started falling away. Once I took this course I FINALLY understand how it works. This training produces RESULTS! I signed up 11 new people since last month and have a 95% hit rate. I don't know how you could move forward without this. Do you want to make money or not? If you do, this is ESSENTIAL."    - Ingrid O
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"I didn't really know what this was, so I didn't have clarity about what to expect. I was concerned that the time commitment might have been a challenge. Boy, was I surprised! The curriculum is beautiful and just brilliant. And the opportunity to meet in small groups and really share what we learn, was not only brilliant, it was FUN. I loved hearing new people saying, 'Oh my gosh!! I'm GETTING it!' Part of what I love is how easy it is. It's easy-to-read articles with an exercise to kind of integrate it into your brain, and then time to be with it -- go for a walk or let the digestion process take place so we absorb the information. It really allows it to come in at a much deeper level. It's not working harder, it's working softer and smarter. - Rev. Marty Bacher
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"I've been in this industry for a while and have done a LOT of trainings with a LOT of teachers. Everyone claimed to have had the 'magic formula.' They didn't. Each time I would get information, but nothing would change. Until now. After seeing how The Friendchise works, I realize how different it is from every other training I've experienced. It is designed for duplication through practical application. By studying how the brain learns, Udana has created a system that goes way beyond read-study-remember. Her process enabled me to internalize the material and then apply it. This has resulted in actual changeand opened up so much creative flow! It's fun! This is how we build teams." - Pam M
"I was concerned about the time commitment. Also, I needed to connect with a group dynamic. I loved the big group, however the small Buddy groups were wonderful. Udana has done a tremendous job. You learn about how people learn. It's brilliant, because we all learn differently. And the STORIES! She created stories to make a point before she goes into the teaching of it. And the stories are wonderful! It's amazing. It just pulls everything together. - Dolores R
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"This is a whole new education for me. I've been at this for 15 years and never knew any of this stuff. I could never figure out why I couldn't advance to the next rank. I wish I knew THEN what I know NOW. Thank you, thank you, THANK you! You have awakened me. I'm awake and alive! You did an amazing job. The numbers! I never paid attention to the numbers! I just signed up a bunch of people and never knew how to treat it like a business. You have shown me that this is a huge business opportunity and in today's time how lucky I am! It's brilliant! " - Fran R