The Business of
                     the New Economy


Executive Training for
           Conscious  Entrepreneurs

"The Friendchise had amazing information. The content was far beyond other training courses I've taken - and I've taken plenty. LOL. There's too much to single out really. It was quite fabulous."                                                                    -  Kevin D.. 


What to Look For
                      What to Avoid

Exponential Growth
                  Residual Income


"I love the Guided Conversation - they take all the pressure off. I was trying to 'sell' people before, rather than ask them questions. I'm learning so much about people - they love talking about what's important to them. You've made it easy to help people. Thank you!"
                                           - Sally H.
The Vision Matrix:  
Feng Shui Your Mind

Remember From Your Future:
Create habits that take you where you want to go.

Create Wealth as a  Spiritual Practice:
Heal your relationship with money

The Law of Blooming:
Quantum Fields, Emerging Systems and YOU
   The Law of Blooming is your Super Power

Full Spectrum  
              Self Development

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